Can you Design, Order and Build the right configuration?

Can you Design, Order and Build the right configuration?

Are you ready to try the first Open Source Configuration Management Game? The CM Game is a fun and dynamic game to create awareness about configuration management and the challenges surrounding CM. The game makes use of LEGO® bricks (1) and is available for free under an Open Source license: CC BY-SA 4.0 (excluding the bricks).


The reason for this is that we hope to make other people enthusiastic about Configuration Management and that they (you) start making extensions or improvements to it which will be shared as well.  If you want on this website (with appropriate credits of course).

What does CC BY-SA 4.0 license allow you? 

You can use the game, even commercially. You only have to give appropriate credit and if you change anything you have to publish it under the same license. 

What do you get:

  • How to instructions for the facilitator of the game;
  • Introduction presentation to explain the game to the participants;
  • The documentation used as part of the game.
  • The BrickLink Studio design source file of the Hybrid pickup truck and other source materials
  • The list of required LEGO®  bricks (1)

What do you NOT get:

Extendable game

The game is setup in such a way that you can extend it with additional change requests. E.g. introduce variants a hybrid pickup with 1, 2, 3, or 4 batteries (located under the  cargo bed). Or as the pickup is designed with a flaw to the bottom (the wheel case is a bit loose), which can be fixed with additional plating, etc..

Extensions might require you to obtain and use additional bricks, that are currently not identified as part of the game. 


The open source CM Game is based on the CM effectivity Game from ASML. ASML was kind enough to allow me to develop an open source version of the game. The idea of the original game came from the brilliant mind of Arnaud Hubaux and it was co-developed by Pauline Vrancken, Willem-Jan Span and Martijn Dullaart

Special thanks to Martin Haket for reviewing the open source materials.

How to give appropriate credit:

CM Game by Martijn Dullaart, is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, and is based on the original CM effectivity Game from ASML. Original Creator: Arnaud Hubaux; Co-creators: Pauline Vrancken, Willem-Jan Span and Martijn Dullaart.

1. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this site, the CM game and the related materials. 

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